We offer a wide range of services dependent upon what you require, we also cater for a variety of different house types, including residential or commercial buildings with no chimney, thatched and heritage properties, offering free surveys and a selection of servicing packages.

No Chimney? No Problem!
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A HETAS qualified surveyor will come out and discuss your requirements and expectations, whilst offering advice and ideas.

Areas that will be reviewed are the size of the room, this is very important when choosing the ideal kW for your stove, go to our stove output calculator for an idea on what may be suitable for you and your home.

We will access the condition of your chimney and discuss lining options suitable for your home, please remember that if you do not have a chimney we can accommodate your requirements with one of our wonderful twin wall systems.

If you need a fireplace remodel our surveyor can go through your options and device a build that provides you with as minimal disruption as possible, a fireplace remodel is not as difficult and as time consuming as you may originally assume, they can often be completed with your woodburner fitted within 2-3 days.


After our surveyor has been out and completed your home visit, we will have your quotation back with you within 5 days, your personalised quotation will list cost of installation and if you haven’t decided on your stove at this point, we will provide some options for you to choose from that suits budget, output required and style. Upon instruction we ask for a deposit of 50% to secure your fitting date and we then order your chosen stove. Lead times vary for installation but usually between 2-4 weeks from receipt of order.

Flues and Chimneys

When a chimney is lined, flue gases will travel faster, maintaining a high temperature and a more consistent draft. A warm flue will collect less deposit, and cleaning is much easier, allowing your stove to perform at its best for many years to come. In most instances chimneys can be lined with a high grade flexible stainless steel flue pipe. This system offers a cost effective solution to protecting old chimneys against deterioration and leakage. It provides a continuous, smooth, gastight flue that is designed to withstand high temperatures, minimising the risk of tar deposits. The flue liner warms up quickly to create a strong up draft.

Maintenance and Chimney Sweeping

We offer a maintenance package to ensure that your stove is burning efficiently, it is recommended that you arrange maintenance during the summer months for minimal disruption. We send out a reminder to all Three Shires Stoves customers every spring to get your sweep and maintenance booked in at a time that is convenient for you. The following is included in your maintenance package:

Annual Service: £90

  • Check the stove glass for damage and clean. Advise replacement if necessary
  • Inspect door seals for tightness and replace rope seals if needed
  • Examine bricks, grates and baffles, and advise on replacement. No charge for fitting of bricks, only charge for bricks themselves
  • Check and adjust all air controls/riddling mechanisms/damper mechanisms
  • Examine all fire cement seals from the stove to the flue and re-joint if required
  • Examine register plate seals and reseal where required
  • Sweep flue liner to remove deposits
  • Removal of debris from register plate
  • Inspect body of stove and polish/paint
  • Check installation for draw/leaks
  • Advise on fuel being used
  • Check vents are clear where fitted
  • Camera inspection of flue
  • Digital photograph and report sent to you directly

No Chimney? No Problem! – Introducing you to our Twin Wall Chimneys

Using an innovative system you can now have your warming and Inviting stove with no chimney, this overcomes situations where a conventional chimney stack is not viable, then we can use our twin wall stainless steel insulated flue system. This is an extremely versatile system, which can be installed through floors, into attics and through a specially made lead flashing. Alternatively it can pass through an exterior wall, and rise vertically.